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  1. Joseph Middleton says:

    in my research i find that out of 20 films out at my cinema, 19 of them are american. This is due to the fact that most of their films have a extremely high production value and because of that a lot of the film is made to a very high standard. As well as this people like to see american movies because a high majority have well known actors starring in them, that people will go and see regardless of what film is actually showing.

  2. Alex Levy says:

    1. Account for the popularity of US films in the UK.

    The USA is a very powerful and economically successful, their film industry is renowned for being successful,especially in Hollywood.

    In our local cinema today, out of 28 films out at the moment, only two are British. Most film stars are American, or America based, and as stars are a huge factor in the making of films today, it means that most successful films are American, as british film mainly star unknowns or niche stars. Such as the current release Shank, which appeals mainly to teenagers as it stars teen stars from teen media, such as Kaya Scodelario, Effy from teen TV show Skins, and Adam Deacon from the films Kidulthood and Adulthood. These are stars that only apply to a young British audiece, and so the film won’t have success in the USA.

    This shows that the USA controlls the film industry, deciding what fiilms are released even in the UK, this is how the USA is taken into account when making films that are popular in the UK.

  3. scottyboy92 says:

    In my reasearch i found that out of all the Movies being shown at my local Vue cinemar were American made movies apart from one witch is British.

    Many reason there could be for this lack of British films being shown in Cinemars due to lack of Budget and American Films have all the big Hollywood actors that every one likes

  4. Trevor Kawa says:

    American films are incredibly popular in the UK due to several things. First of all America produces alot of big budget films with famous actors and directors which attract more people simply due to the names attached to the film.
    As well as this there is very few british films that make it too the mainstream usually due to having a low budget or unknown actors meaning the film does not recieve much advertising causing people to be unaware of the films existence.
    American films tend to be very generetic as well so if you go too see a action film you will know that there will be lots of explosions and blood.

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