Chival Regal – contrast with Carling

Millions of people, everyone out for themselves
can this really be the only way?
no. Here’s to honour and to gallantry, long may it live
here’s to doing the right thing, to giving a damn
here’s to the straight talkers, who give their word and keep it
here’s to freedom, wherever you find it. And to knowing the true meaning of wealth
Here’s to the brave amongst us
Here’s to a code of behaviour that sets certain men apart from all others
Here’s to us
Live with Chivalry

The campaign for Chivas Regal offers a different slant on advertising alcohol. Chivas Regal is a major international brand of whisky – consider how they position their audience in a different way to the ads for Carling beer. Here is what the Marketing people said about it:

A new global campaign for Chivas Regal titled “Live with Chivalry” was launched today. The campaign aims to revive the values of chivalry by encouraging us to live life with honour, loyalty and gallantry.

New independent research published to coincide with the launch “Live with Chivalry” indicates this campaign is well timed. Global concern regarding the erosion of values is high and the overwhelming feedback is that friendship, loyalty, honour and intelligence are prized within societies around the world.

71% of people in this global survey believe they would have a far better quality of life if people around them chose to live by these values.

The survey was conducted by BrainJuicer(i), and the illuminating results confirm that the values of chivalry are hugely relevant to the way people live today. The results were drawn from 3,000 people in 17 countries across four continents.

95% of all men and women surveyed said they found chivalrous qualities attractive in the opposite sex.

The majority of respondents cited “helping others” as their last chivalrous deed. The predominant number of male respondents ranked intelligence, confidence and honour as traits that most represent their sense of masculinity today.

Opinion leaders also share these viewpoints. Dylan Jones, Editor of GQ Magazine & of ‘Rules for the Modern Man’ explains: “Behaving in a chivalrous fashion today is a signifier that you have a greater level of intelligence”.

“Live with Chivalry” is therefore stronger than simply an act. It is about staying true to your word and leading by example, standing up for what you believe in no matter what.

Will Hersey, Associate Editor Esquire, describes: “The next men trend is to be better informed, to be more interesting in conversation as much as anything”.

Chivas Regal Brand Director Sophie Gallois says: “This was a fascinating survey for us to carry out. The results showed some really interesting contrasts in attitudes to chivalry between the different countries. Despite these variations, the message was overwhelmingly that people around the world wish to see those they know and those in the public eye acting with the values of chivalry.

Chivas Regal celebrates an eternal masculine ideal of substance, class and sophistication. It is a powerful message for today’s world.

Sophie Gallois continues: “Live with Chivalry is the start of a real movement, but it fits perfectly with the brand’s noble heritage”.

View the ad here:


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