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AS Film Studies

Producers & Audience

Your Christmas Film

Research the films that are due to  released at Christmas on the Pearl & Dean website. Describe their genre, a summary of the plot, their unique selling points and projected target audience.

Now put yourself in the role of Producer to create an idea for a film of your own to compete with those. It should be a British made film, so there’ll be no big Hollywood blockbuster style budget.  You’ll need to research recent British made films,  find out which ones have been successful and why. Then you’ll need to decide on the genre of your own film, create a brief synopsis, decide who will direct and act  in the film, then plan a marketing campaign that will comprise a poster campaign, a website, and photo storyboard for a film trailer.

After you’ve developed your initial idea you’ll need to pitch your proposals to the class.

You have not got a limitless budget – this is a British Film remember, so do some research on Pearl and Dean to find out what this kind of campaign would cost.

You should enter your ideas into your blog.

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