Last year’s exam paper on Superheroes

Answer all the questions in this Answer Book.
Read the questions before viewing the extract. You will be given 3 minutes for this.
The extract is taken from Spider-Man (USA, 2002). New York is enjoying a Thanksgiving Day
parade, but the Green Goblin has other ideas.
1. (a) Identify one important feature of mise-en-scène used in this extract. (1)
(b) Why is this feature important? (2)
(c) Explain how two of the following are used in this extract to excite the audience:
• cinematography
• editing
• visual effects
• sound. (7) [10]
2. (a) Identify one important costume or prop in this extract. (1)
(b) Why is this costume or prop important? (3)
(c) Discuss the use of either costume or props in at least one other Superhero
movie you have studied. (6) [10]
3. How are Superhero movies marketed? You may refer to the resource material to help you.
4. You have been asked to create a Superhero for a new movie. Complete the following tasks:
(a) Choose a name and a special power for your Superhero. (2)
(b) Explain why you have chosen this special power. (4)
(c) Design and annotate the homepage for a website featuring your Superhero. Consider:
• Superhero movie conventions
• the layout and design of your website homepage. (8)
(d) Explain how your website will help to sell your movie. (6) [20]


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