Most of you have your first drafts of the initial storyboard part of the coursework, so we are now ready to begin the next part of our production, the film poster.

To prepare for your film posters it is very useful for you to produce a mood-board.  A mood board is a document filled with the ideas and inspirations that will influence the finished product.

Here is an example of a mood board

This will include colours, images, fonts, photographs and textures.  These can be taken from the internet or created and scanned in.

 The mood-board should be created in Photoshop to further develop your skills.  Make the presentation as interesting as possible, as this would provide a good opportunity for you to come to terms with more advanced Photoshop functions.  Be experimental!

 To create a new Photoshop document select File > New.  Select Preset > International Paper.  Then select Size > A3 and Colour Profile > RGB.

 To research images you could use

 To research fonts you can use


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